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John Furlong, NDGreetings!!

Come and enjoy our comfortable space, massage therapy services and preventive/non-drug methods to achieving optimal health!

I'm glad you are considering naturopathic healthcare. Modern naturopathic medicine is wonderfully suited to effectively treat the health issues of today; support for basic, preventive health as well as treatment options for complex medical situations.  Each person is unique, and exploring with them is like piecing together a puzzle in order to enhance the natural healing processes. I've been practicing for 25 years, listening to each person's 'story' to discover the most important themes for healing.




About Dr. Furlong and Naturopathic Medicine:

A bit about me to answer questions you may have: I am a 1985 graduate of Bastyr University, the flagship of modern naturopathic medicine, I’m a diplomate of the Institute for Functional Medicine, known for their cutting-edge approaches to non-drug treatments of disease. I have presented at numerous medical conferences across the U.S., in Brazil and Spain teaching about detoxification, laboratory evaluation for stress, autism, cross-cultural use of botanical medicines, and genetic testing to help design preventive health plans.

I offer to you the benefits of 25 years of hands-on experience, including 6½ years where I worked for the major integrative medicine laboratory, Genova Diagnostics in the country; researching and teaching the latest in laboratory aspects of Integrative medicine. I researched & designed their Cardiovascular profile, provided extensive background research for their detoxification profiles, and co-designed their female hormone metabolism testing. I continue to consult with Genova on a part-time basis, keeping abreast of the latest in laboratory medicine and staying 'in the loop' of recent advances in Integrative Medicine.

Your Health is what I focus on. For real healing to occur, a balanced cycle of learning, action, and evaluation must happen.  I consider it my job to gather information about your health and well-being and communicate options to you.  I support your process to make the best health decisions for yourself and/or your children. I use an integrative approach and encourage you to work with other practitioners to optimize your health.  We strive not to load you down with supplements, but recommend the most IMPORTANT ones! Open communication is extremely important to practicing effective medicine and getting the best results.  I encourage questions, and provide you with copies of your laboratory work and a written summary of recommendations, you may even be the recipient of one of my (in)famous hand drawings!

I feel strongly about the inherent dignity of each individual, regardless of their condition, race, religion, social or economic status. I am more interested in the person than a medical 'label.' To quote Sir William Osler, famous Canadian physician, of McGill, Johns Hopkins and Oxford: “The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease”  Our discussions are strictly confidential.

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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy has it's origins in the traditional medicine of many cultures, from the indigenous plant medicines of every continent, to the hydrotherapy/nature-cure practitioners of the late1800's, to the detailed, sophisticated systems of Asian medicine. In a nutshell, naturopathy is a means to help the body heal itself. N.D.'s observe what the body is doing, investigate the systems involved, collect information about why symptoms are present, and provide treatments that best support the body's own healing process. The recent explosion of scientific knowledge further helps us to know how the body works and how to improve it through nutritional biochemistry.The practical use of this information represents the modern age of medicine. Part of our challenge is to know how and when to blend the knowledge of today with many of the time-proven remedies of the past that are very effective! In order to do this a basic philosophy of treatment is the guide, otherwise there can be confusion. Naturopathy holds to the philosophy below in choice of treatments:

Modern naturopathy embraces those therapies that are science-based along with those having a long history of use. This means we can use modern treatments and testing to diagnose and monitor response to treatment, AND we can use herbal remedies from the indigenous, Asian, or European tradition that have hundreds, even thousands of years of traditional usage despite a lack of modern double-blind studies. One way to look at it is that the chemicals found in plants that have been used for centuries are intrinsically safer than newly-synthesized chemicals that may have only been manufactured in a laboratory 5 years ago. There are of course, situations and conditions where modern antibiotics or other treatments are necessary and life-saving, these can be integrated with naturopathic treatments to comprise the best of both worlds.

In conclusion, naturopathy represents what should be first-line medicine: preventing disease, supporting the normal healing processes of the body, and setting the stage for better response to any pharmaceutical treatments that may be necessary.

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